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A Signed Copy of ‘Worth Fighting For’ by John Pavlovitz

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Get an exclusive signed copy of Worth Fighting For by John Pavlovitz. Published April 2024. 176 pages.

John Pavlovitz has inspired millions to keep boldly loving both neighbors and strangers throughout the years of Trump’s hate-mongering campaign and presidency and continues to be a voice of sanity and urgency when so much is still at stake.

It’s a scary time for America, with rights for women and transgender people being rolled back, the truth about Black history and experience being silenced, and unrestricted gun violence on the rise. People who value inclusion, compassion, and the common good are understandably anxious and angry―but we can’t give up hope. We need motivation to keep fighting for justice.

This inspiring volume features Pavlovitz’s most important writing from the past several years alongside brand-new essays to provide the encouragement, stamina, and direction we need to keep going, even when things feel bleak.

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